About Retail Summit


Retail Summit Mission

To provide:

  • A regular supply of informative and thought-provoking speeches from leading domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, managers and experts
  • An intensive exchange of views and experience and a support of the mutual communication among individual retail market players
  • The ideal conditions for a variety of official and informal meetings aimed at starting cooperation or concluding new business

The success of organizers to fulfill this mission is evidenced by the fact that Retail Summit became the largest event of its kind in Central Europe. In the past 20 years, the Retail Summit was attended by more than 13 thousand retailers, producers, experts, politicians, and journalists from almost 30 countries.





blueeventsSOCR logo 2015VSE FMVPreparations of Retail Summit are shared by 3 subjects: Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, University of Economics in Prague and Blue Events agency that also provides the services of conference secretariat, financing and management of the event production.



Who are the participants of Retail Summit

"This event is intended for all who have the ambition to become large!" (Prof. Jiří Jindra in 1994 in response to the question whether the conference is designed for large or small businesses)

This mission of Retail Summit, it does not lose its actuality even after 20 years. It is designed for all participants in retail market, who have the ambition to succeed, develop their business, to improve themselves, their business and market environment. No matter what is the size or form of company ownership or whether it operates in "brick &mortar," or digital world.




„It is an opportunity to hear ideas how to do it. Many things can be heard in the conference hall, many others in the corridors. In its extent it is surely a unique event and everyone has a chance to get something from it.“
Luděk Niedermayer, Audit Director, Deloitte

„Retail Summit has two main advantages. Primarily it indeed deals with the most topical questions of the Czech market and its further development. Secondly it is a representative forum of retailers, suppliers, government representatives and other experts, what enables knowledge and experience exchange on the highly expert level. Moreover each participant gets chance to get engaged in active discussion on recent retail challenges or problems.“
Jan Levora, Executive Director, Czech Brand Products Association

„I thoroughly enjoyed my day at the event, it was both educational for me and enabled me to meet a great many customers.“
Douglas Brodman, CEO, Plzeňský Prazdroj

„Personally I envy Czech this expert and high quality conference like Retail Summit and I am very sorry retailers on the big Polish market aren't able to organize such event and invite us there.“
Maria Andrzej Faliński, General Director, POHiD

„I have always been glad, when during the entire Retail Summit day I caught one idea, which was good, and could have been developed further. And that is quite enough. You cannot get such idea anywhere else than in the environment with plenty of experienced people like this.“
Zdeněk Jahoda, CEO, EMCO

„Every year I meet there many of my personal and business friends and we can confront the results we achieved in the past year and what we can expect from the market. It is really good to hear the presentations from many different fields how they evaluate the current situation and how they deal with it. This is very inspiring for our further work.“
Ladislav Denk, Sales Director, Váhala a spol.

„I liked it. If participants listen to two hours of solid presentations of speakers and after that they are still conscious, some of them even making notes, then this must be a conference with information that is valuable for them, which they can use. I participated in the discussion panel where there were the successful concepts holders and it was exciting to see them from this short distance, to touch their aura… and maybe also to learn something from them and use it later in my work.“
Michal Heisig, Commercial Director, Seznam.cz

„I am at the Retail Summit for the first time and I am surprised by the great attendance here. It is an opportunity to meet many important people here, both from the side of suppliers or competitors. There are very interesting topics one would like to hear more about. Everyone can learn something new, that's why each one of us is here.“
Kamil Werner, Managing Director, Maloobchodní síť BALA

„It is an opportunity to meet a great number of people who are experts in the field of retail.“
Vlastimil Veselý, Marketing Director, Bel Sýry

„I have been attending Retail Summit regularly and I am always looking forward to the key note speakers because it is always something I am not prepared enough for…“
Jiří Šimek, Board Member, E.ON

„The number of visitors to the Retail Summit, which rises every year, is a proof that it is an event with people who want to learn, have something to share and can exchange experience.“
Petr Sláma, Business Development, Kofola

„In business, you have 2 possible modes – you are either in-business or on- business. In- business means to solve the daily agenda. But to be on-business, you need to stop and you ponder over things with insight. And just participating at such big Retail Conference allows you to be on-business. To think creatively and move forward.
David Vejtruba, Marketing Director, p.k. Solvent


20 years with Retail Summit

… represent 20 years of inspiration for the retail market. A special almanac prepared for 20th birthday of the Summit brings an overview of what has happened in the Czech and Central European market since 1995.

(available just in Czech)



Situation in the Czech retail market was transformed into the outlook of Retail Summit logo