Main Topic 2017

ONE. One customer. One market. One commerce.

  • There is no analogue or digital customer, There is no barrier in human minds, we see just „one person – one customer“. He or she is connected and wants to communicate and shop using all opportunities offered by digital technologies. At the same time, he or she is not ready to resign from good traditional things and services.

  • Manufacturers and merchants represent „one market“, as they service one common customer. That calls for their collaboration. We are part of one, single EU market and that delivers new immense opportunity. EU is just creating the single digital market and opens thus new chances for manufacturers, retailers and most of all, for consumers.

  • The line between brick & mortar and internet commerce is vanishing, the customers do not want it. Future is represented by „one commerce“ servicing customers that use the deep knowledge of their needs in given shopping occasion, in all channels.