Discussion Sessions

16:30 - 18:00   D. PARALLEL WORKSHOPS



CSOB sekce 

Moderated by: Roman Kotlán, Executive Director of Bank Card Association

Topics: New technologies influence the behavior of customers and their overall expectations. They change the whole customer journey, including the moment of truth – the payment. Product, service and sales system innovations go hand-in-hand with the uplift of payment infrastructure enabling to service customers faster and in a more efficient way. What are the news and trends in the area of payments? What is new with their implementation? And how can technology uplift the customer experience?

Radovan Bryx, POS Product Manager, Global Payments Europe
Radek Horák, Manager Acquiring and E-commerce, ČSOB
Martina Kirchrathová, General Manager CZ&SK, Ingenico
Tomáš Martiňák, Head of customer proposition CE, Tesco Stores
Daniel Novák, ‎HW and SW Administrator & Project Manager, DELIKOMAT
Luděk Slouka, Senior Product Manager CEE, Mastercard
Petr Šindler, External Affairs Manager CEE, Shell Czech Republic



Retail news sekce

Moderated by: Eva Klánová, Editor-in-chief, Retail News

Topics: New digital competition brings brick & mortar stores under a massive pressure. Still, there is no doubt these stores can survive – under one clear condition. They have to justify their survival and offer a unique customer experience. In-store solutions do matter more than ever – shop equipment, lighting systems, overall atmosphere or efficient POS promotion and communication are the key to further success. Even here, the new technologies can play a strong role and enable an import of digital revolution into the traditional brick & mortar shops.

Andrea Bělohradská, CRM Manager, Penny Market
Rastislav Brenčič, Founder and CEO, 26house.com
Martin Fejtek, Managing Director, FESCHU Lighting & Design
Mikolaj Komorowski, Retail Director, MOL Česká republika
Pavel Říha, Commercial Director CEE, ppm factum

9:00 - 11:00   E. PARALLEL SESSIONS

E1. Efficient ONE Consumer Response


ECR sekce

Moderated by: Martina Kirchrathová, General Manager CZ&SK, Ingenico

Topics: After years spent with supply chain related topics, ECR Initiative starts to deal more with demand side projects. In this context, ECR gets closer to the key question – how can retailers and manufacturers service better their joint (one!) customer – end consumer. This part of Retail Summit 2017 will therefore cover shopper typology and its implementation for Czech and Slovak conditions and get participants acquainted with ECR projects related to joint demand management. The session will also present new approaches to efficient shop floor organization, using latest technologies, augmented reality included.

Ladislav Csengeri, Consumer Panel Services Director, GfK
Patrik Dojčinovič, Commercial Director Fresh Food, Tesco Central Europe
Jan Kočárek, Country General Manager CZ&SK, CHEP CZ
Sébastien Navarro, Marketing Director, Bel Sýry Česko
Jens Torchalla, Partner and Jens von Wedel, Associate Partner and Principal, Oliver Wyman

E2. One Quality: Education to quality makes sense


Momentum sekce

Moderated by: David Čermák, CEO, Momentum

Topics: Consumer researches typically show that our shoppers prefer freshness and other quality features when purchasing food products. Same sources often signalize that price is less important, respectively does not play the key decision role. Real life situations, as seen in shops, are nevertheless very different. Czechs are European champions when it comes to the share of purchases done within price promotions. What is the logic of this paradox? Who is guilty? Is the situation same with all retailers? Is there a way to narrow the gap between what shoppers say and do? And most of all: can we teach consumers that the quality matters?

Zdeněk Bukovjan, Head of Sales and Marketing, Mlékárna Valašské Meziříčí
Radek Hort, CEO, Hortim International
Petr Chmelař, Director of Food Assortment Management, Globus ČR
Petr Křiklan, Retail Analytics Director, Europe Central/East, Nielsen
Pavel Mikoška, Quality Director, Ahold CE and vicepresident SOCR ČR
Karel Pilčík, Chairman of the board, MP Krásno and Chairman of Czech Association of Meat Processors

E3. One Strategy: Strategy for digital age


Deloitte sekce

Moderated by: Martin Tesař, Partner, Deloitte

Topics: Digital technologies are changing everything. Product life cycle gets shorter, managers are flood by data, small and slow improvements are not enough to function like real innovations. Consumers are better and better informed and have changed their expectations – they call for personalized customer experience. New type of competition comes, often from unexpected corners of the market. We see new types of companies, business models are changing under the price pressure. All that impacts on strategic management and makes annual rituals of rolling planning obsolete. How can companies adapt to new digital era? What changes are necessary in internal and external processes? Can partial digital strategy help or do we need a new complex strategy for digital times?

Pavel Bádal, Managing Director, Datart International
Josef Holý, Value Driver, Applied Technology/Horizon 3, MSD IT Global Innovation Center
Jan Kysela, Business Development Manager, Bolt | O2 Czech Republic
Ladislav Martinec, General Manager, CRV Czech Republic
Martin Minář, Commercial Director CZ/HU/SK, L'Oréal
Michal Zámec, Founder & CEO, Notino

E4. One Commerce: Brick&mortar and Internet


zebra sekce

Moderated by: Aneta Zímová, Managing Partner, Blue Events

Topics: So far, the relation between traditional stores and e-shops has been presented as a big fight, a game “who-kills-whom”. However, it is more and more clear that real life goes in a different direction – shoppers are not sharply segmented as traditionalists and modernists, they refuse to respect the line between off- and online. Consumers want to use the advantages of all sales and communication channels and they want to shop anywhere, anytime, anyhow they wish. Many retailers already percieved that and stopped defining themselves as an e-shop or brick and mortar store operator. We see a new split – between successful retailers and the rest. How to cope with that new market reality? Is omnichannel retail the only recipe? Or is there still a chance to win with just single channel approach?

Karel Bárek, General Manager, HERVIS
Miroslav Exner, IT Business Consultant
Daniel Horák, CEO, Česká lékárna holding
Ondřej Klega, Head of Marketing and Business Deveĺopment, Acomware
Manfred Litschka, CEE Sales Director, TCC
Ondřej Žák, Senior Manager, Retail and FMCG Advisory Services, EY

E5. One Company – One Culture


Recruit sekce

Moderated by: Markéta Švedová, Managing Director, Recruit CZ

Topics: Is company culture the corner stone of firm´s internal climate or is it just another buzzword of corporate lingo? And does a family company need to focus on company culture? Can we see company culture as a competitive advantage or even the key criterion when choosing a new employer? What is the point of view of customer, business partner and most of all – of an employee?

Martin Grygařík, Sales Director – Off-Trade, Plzeňský Prazdroj
Ilona Klímová, Founder and Owner, Moje maso
Olin Novák, Chief Marketing Officer, Tesco Central Europe
Aleš Pastorek, Managing Director, Havlíkova přírodní apotéka
František Piškanin, Chairman of supervisory board and owner, HOPI

11.30 - 13:30   F. PARALLEL SESSIONS

F1. One/Connected Consumer: Digital Age Customer


Nielsen sekce

Moderated by: David Vacl, Commercial Director, Nielsen

Topics: New channels are getting essential -omnichannel communication and distribution is the new must. Traditional media like TV, radio or print still play a significant role, nevertheless online media are booming – company/brand websites, social networks, discussion forums or community webs are proving that. The million dollar question is clear: how to meet the demand of consumers for products and services in these new market conditions and how to satisfy their growing need of information.

Petr Bezanyi, Category Head – Marketing CEE, Henkel
Pavel Franko, Country Manager HP Indigo & PWP CR/SR
Kateřina Holnová, Marketing Director, PetCenter
Tomáš Pflanzer, Head of Digital, Nielsen Admosphere
Petr Toupal, Commercial Director, Košík.cz 
James Whittingham, Business Executive Director, Nestlé CZ&SK

F2. One Food: Convergence of retail and horeca


Kofola sekce

Moderated by: Martin Dlouhý, Partner, md4

Topics: Food producers and retailers are gradually escaping from deadly spiral „lower price – lower quality – lower sales“, and the market gets more and more quality, healthy and tasty choices. When selling them, old stimuli like low price or shiny packaging does not help anymore; originality, freshness or helpfulness and professionalism of the sales staff do matter more and more. At the same time, restaurant business is changing as well, new rationalization measures inspired by modern retail systems are implemented. Retail and horeca are geting closer again, after many years of complete separation. They converge, inspire each other and, in a certain way, enter into direct competition. How is this new development seen by interesting players of this game – innovative retailers, manufacturers or restaurateurs?

Petr Borkovec, CEO, Sklizeno
Marek Farník, General Manager, UGO Trade
Riccardo Lucque, Owner and CEO, La Collezione
Tomáš Mráz, Sales Director On-Trade, Plzeňský Prazdroj
Petr Vokroj, Head of Food, Marks and Spencer Czech Republic

Presentation of the best student team from University of Economics in Prague: Magdalena Košková and Tomáš Pham Tuan (representatives of the team of the winning study on the topic: Save brick & mortar grocery store)

F3. One World: Doing international business


BlueStrategy sekce

Moderated by: Tomáš Krásný, Partner, Blue Strategy

Topics: Within last two decades, the Czech market got completely opened to the world and is intensively exposed to the impact of globalization. This is recently often described as a very negative feature – Czech basin is under threat of being flooded by immigrants, foreign capital and dumping imports destroying local businesses. We even hear the call for re-establishment of borders. This is all quite against the logic as the Czech economy is blossoming thanks to its openness and liquidation of frontiers. The panel discussion will thus focus on recapitulation of our gains from openness, especially when it comes to exports, all seen through the eyes of manufacturers and retailers.

Jan Hanuš, Director of Emco division
Ladislav Steinhauser, Deputy Director, Steinhauser
Ludmila Štěrbová, Department of International Trade, University of Economics in Prague
Jaroslav Tamchyna, Managing Partner, Český institut pro franchising
Jiří Urban, CEO, Maternia
Jiří Vlasák, CEO, Hoop Polska

F4. Internet of Things: Another big retail development opportunity


Cisco sekce

Pygmalios sekce

Moderated by: Martin Doležel, Commercial Sales Team Leader, Cisco

Topics: Internet of Things (or IoT) is a word shouted at us from all corners. Does it have any sense for retail? Is it capable of delivering some business value or solve the operational challenges of our stores, we are not in a position to solve using classical approaches? Is that another buzzword or is it a topic worth dealing with?

This part of Retail Summit 2017 will show real life examples and explain how IoT functions and what elements are needed. We´ll look into readiness of individual technologies, their usability for marketing, merchandising and operations and into ROI. We´ll also discuss the near future and opportunities and challenges it may bring.

Key analyses will be demonstrated “live”, using the technologies installed in the congress centre.

Karel Hanzlík, Head of Corporate Merchandising & Space Planning, METRO AG Wholesale & Food Specialist Company
Miroslav Jaššo, CIO, Lidl Slovenská republika
Marek Knut, Marketing Director, Marnett Mango franchise store
Milan Novota, Director of Product & Engineering, Pygmalios
Tibor Tabery, Retail Analyst and Partner, Pygmalios

F5. One Table – One Story: One company – harmonized numbers and their interpretations


Logio sekce

Moderated by: Tomáš Formánek, CEO, Logio

Topics: Company life gets more and more complex. Up to 95% of your data might be just “noise”. Some people say that up to 70% of data related to production is not used at all. We are just entering data revolution when the data volumes will boom even faster than so far, ten-folds. Every day we get more data and at the same speed, we lose our ability to understand where we are and where we are heading to. Organizational structures are getting less transparent, they are „virtualized” and „matrixed“. Quite often, they have nothing to do with the real business flow. Typically, companies get atomized into silos with own KPIs („tables“). Silos do not understand each other, sometimes they even fight and interpret the internal and external environment differently. What to do with this corporate Babylon? Let´s return back to basics and introduce a system of one table, shared across the whole company. And unify the interpretation of data included in that table.

Filip Doušek, CEO, Stories
Milan Havlíček, Pricing Manager CZ/SK, Makro Cash & Carry
Petr Krayzel, FMCG Group Strategy Leader, Mall Group
Marek Prach, Supply Chain Director CZ/SK, Plzeňský Prazdroj
Michal Rada, COO, Zeelandia
Robert Šimek, Plant Manager, Laufen